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Our Bounce Houses

We specialize in Large Events, whether its a Corporate party, School event, Picnic, BBQ, Fundraiser etc. we will rise to the Occasion. With over 5000 successful Events since 2007. We have fully trained staff and $5 million liability . Work with any Budget. All of our inflatables are cleaned and sanitized before every rental and their manufactured from "lead-free" vinyl for your child's and your guest's safety.

Want to place your order online? Check out our inventory, and book the item you want on the date that works for you.
Bouncy castle rentals have become an essential entertainment tool for children across the nation. Bouncy castles are fun and lively and can be ideal for entertainment at corporate events and birthday parties. Our inflatable bounce houses allow kids to have lots of fun and are full of energy. Parents can just relax and take in the fun with other adult friends. Inflatable bounce houses can hold between 4 and 8 children at once. Children should remove their shoes prior to entering. The bouncy castle should not be filled with water unless explicitly specified. Also we recommend that you not allow items that can harm the inflatable, such as sharp objects, soap, or silly string. Additionally, you'll create amazing memories for your kids and they will remember that memorable day in the future. To make it easier to get in or out the bouncy castle the majority of them have an exit ramp that is safe. One of the safety features that is often offered is a safety net that can be attached to walls and an enclosed entry area. You can be sure that your event is sure to be a huge success for parents as well as children. 
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